bespoke cardboard product design

for storage, presentation & packaging

for photographers & videographers

In my studio I design and make exclusive cardboard products for the presentation and packaging of your photo or video reports. Whether it is on a usb, dvd, in combination with photos or for a log-in code to an online gallery.

I make the products by hand in a traditional way using the best materials: high quality FSC cardboard, fine linen in different colors and beautiful ribbon, silk, satin and cotton.

For all products, I can make them in various colors, sizes and designs. Possibly provided with a printed logo or text in foil printing. Completely handmade to your wishes and therefore unique & distinctive!

luxurious packaging for your usb & photos

for your portfolio & presentation

Portfolio- and presentation boxes are beautiful to store photos or a photo album. I can make the boxes in different colors, sizes and designs. A picture or text box can completely match the product that contains it.

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