cardboard product design

for storage, presentation & packaging


In my studio I design and create cardboard products, for storage, presentation and packaging. For example portfolio  boxes, photo boxes, presentation boxes, usb stick boxes, books, dvd covers, concertina's. The products are all made by me in the traditional way in which I use the best quality paper and book cloth. You can order the  products in different  colors, sizes and designs! All handmade and therefore unique. One copy or more. Optionally provided with printed text,  foil print or a photograph. To go with your product or your corporate identity ... The products you see on my website are an impression of what is possible. Is there something that is not on my website, please contact me. I love a challenge!

— Sabrine


'You can find inspiration in everything'* 

— Paul Smith

(* and if you can't, look again)

luxurious packaging for usb, dvd & photo's

Imagine you're a photographer and you do nothing more than make photo shoots. You put a lot of time and energy: you get  clients, you make offers, you travel to different locations, you take pictures and edit them. And finally, do you want your photos in a beautiful way to showcase your (potential) clients. What if I can make a luxury packaging for you, in your corporate design in your favorite color and feature your logo? A nice addition and a business card for your business! That would be fantastic!

For your photo or video reports I can create different luxury packaging. How about a photo & usb stick box, an usb stick box or a dvd cover? You can select all products in beautiful color book cloth and ribbon. I can print your logo or text on the product. You can make the product the way you want. Entirely appropriate to your corporate identity!


to match your corporate identity | provided with your logo or text | for usb, dvd or photos | in different sizes | small numbers possible

for portfolio & presentation

Portfolio- and presentation boxes are beautiful to store photos or a photo album. I can make the boxes in different colors, sizes and designs. A picture or text box can completely match the product that contains it.

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